How Information Overloaded Are You?

A Self-Assessment

Answer yes or no to the quiz questions. Give yourself one point for each yes. Use this chart to analyze your score.

  1. When you open your email client, does it make you feel anxious about the work that you don't have time to do?
  2. Do you open your email in the morning before making a prioritized to do list and several hours later forget what it was in the first place you wanted to accomplish today?
  3. Do you frequently forget information you need to know?
  4. Do you ever wish the web or social media would just go away?
  5. Do you have email messages sitting in your inbox more than 6 months old that are "pending" further action or unread?
  6. Do you sometimes wish you could read or type faster?
  7. Do you experience frustration at the amount of electronic information you need to process daily?
  8. Do you sit at your computer for longer than an hour at a time without getting up to take a break?
  9. Do you constantly check (even in the bathroom) your email, Twitter or other online service because you are afraid that if you don't, you will become so far behind that you will never catch up?
  10. Is the only time you're off line is when you are sleeping?
  11. Do you feel that you often cannot concentrate?
  12. Are you subscribed to so many blogs that you can't read them and it makes you feel bad?
  13. Do you feel that you have to read word for word all information that comes into your email box or RSS reader or Twitter?
  14. Are you always seeking out additional information from the Internet or friends online to support a decision or complete a project but never processing it all?
  15. Do you get anxious if you are away from the Internet for too long?
  16. Do you open up multiple tabs in your browser and then forget what you were going to do?
  17. Is your email, google docs or hard drive filled with "virtual piles" of information or “drafts” that haven't been processed?
  18. Are you afraid to delete email or old files because you're afraid you might just need it someday?
  19. Are you unable to locate electronic documents, blog posts, email messages or other online information that you need in the moment without wasting time playing "find the file"?
  20. Do you find yourself easily distracted by online resources that allow you to avoid other, pending work?

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Many thanks to all the folks who helped shaped this quiz by taking it and leaving comments here. Laura Whitehead who wrote this brilliant reflection, "Information Overload? Hi, I'm Laura and I'm an information addict"